Eric Estlund
Photograph by Andy Waterman,

Winter Bicycles manufactures custom bicycles and luxurious necessities including forks, racks and other fittings. The focus is on fresh, clean, year round bicycles. The bicycles are made from a custom blend of steel tubing to be purpose built and rider-centric. That means each frame, each detail, is designed to fit your needs and wants for your riding style, tastes and environment. Be it a rainy day commuter, a Sunday cruiser or a thoroughbred racer, I will work with you to design and deliver a bicycle to carry you through all the seasons of your cycling.

What’s in a Name? Winter- fresh, clean and enduring

Winter is typically considered the “off season” for competitive cyclists, but as many of us know it is a great time for long training rides, social group and causal rides, and hearty, often quiet, community and utility riding. Winter is bicycling’s best kept secret. At Winter Bicycles the goal is to build bikes that carry this sense of year round versatility with fresh, clean design. The focus is on building you a bike you are excited to ride every day year round.

The Head Badge

Winter Bicycles Handmade Oregon

In Chinese artistic tradition the plum tree is one of the three friends of winter; pine, bamboo and plum. These three plants are cold weather resistant and Winter flowering. Plum, with its small, fragrant blossom, represents inner strength and beauty under adversity.

The Builder

My name is Eric Estlund. I am the designer, builder, email guy and official floor sweeper here at Winter.

I have worked and played in many areas of the cycling world. I recognized early on the freedom and excitement of riding, not just competitively but also recreationally. It became part of how I chose to explore my world. In my college years I started working as a bicycle advocate to help bring more people and bicycles together. I have led both road and off road tours for children and adults and continued to work as an advocate and teacher to promote safe, community minded sport and commuter cycling. Along the way I picked up an art degree with a focus on metal sculpture and function as well as 14 years of experiential based outdoor, art and environmental teaching experience. I have worked in fitting, retail and rental sales, and as a builder for a very busy custom bicycle manufacturer. I started Winter Bicycles in Oregon in 2008 and moved to central Pennsylvania in 2015.

What does all that mean for you? It means that I have a wide variety experiences that help me understand a wide range of customer needs and rider expectations. I can work with you to help design your perfect daily driver city bike, your health conscious trainer or your event specific competition machine. I know how to listen, and my one goal is to put you on the best fitting and performing bicycle for your needs.

Please take a look at the web site and Flickr galleries to see some of my past and current work. I can be reached at to discuss your new Winter.

Thank you-
Eric Estlund

Winter Bicycles is located in Centre County, Pennsylvania.